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For a compact hatchback, the 2016 VW Beetle has impressive engine power at 170hp and 184 lb.-ft. of torque. That’s because the 2016 Beetle comes fully-equipped with a turbocharged engine on every model and trim level.

What does turbocharged mean?

Define: Turbocharger [tur-boh-chahr-jer]

noun 1. a supercharger that is driven by a turbine turned by exhaust gases from the engine.

A turbocharged engine has more power with less noise, fuel consumption and weight than a regular engine. Here are a few of the benefits your engine has when it is equipped with a turbocharger.

  1. More Power - One of the best ways to increase engine power is to increase the flow of fuel and air to each cylinder. The turbocharger increases an engine's power by forcing excess air into the engine.

  1. Less Fuel Consumption - Turbo technology creates more power with less fuel. A smaller, more fuel-efficient engine can avoid losing power by adding a turbocharger.

  1. Lightweight - Adding a turbocharger instead of a larger engine means keeping the vehicle lightweight. A lightweight vehicle has better handling and precision on the road.

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For more information about Turbochargers see our sources below.

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