How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires?

Rotating tires


How often should you rotate your tires? It’s a common question we get here at the Luther Brookdale Volkswagen service center. The standard interval for tire rotation varies from every 5,000 miles to every 7,500 miles, depending on a variety of factors. Make sure to check your owner’s manual for exact intervals, or visit our Volkswagen service center in Brooklyn Center for more info!

When to Rotate Tires on FWD vs. RWD Vehicles

You’ve likely heard the terms “front-wheel drive” and “rear-wheel drive” before (FWD and RWD, abbreviated). But what do these terms mean? They’re all about power. Namely, they indicate where power from the engine is sent when you hit the gas on your Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis travels. On FWD cars, power is sent to the front wheels only. On RWD cars, power is, as you might expect, sent to the rear wheels only. Here’s a guide on how many miles to rotate tires with each type of vehicle:

  • For FWD or RWD cars, tire rotation should be completed roughly every 5,000 – 7,500 miles.
  • If you’re performing a FWD tire rotation yourself, keep in mind that you’ll need to switch sides when you’re moving the rear tires. e.g., the rear right tire will go on the front left. When moving the front tires to the back, though, you should always keep them on the same side as they were originally.
  • When rotating tires on an RWD car, you’ll simply want to reverse the process above. Flip sides when moving the front tires to the back, and keep the rear tires on the same sides when you move them to the front.
  • Remember that how you drive will invariably affect how often you’ll need to rotate your tires due to premature wear.

AWD Tire Rotation Tips

All-wheel drive cars (AWD for short) require different tire rotation rules and intervals compared to both FWD and RWD vehicles.

AWD vehicles send power to all four wheels at any given time, meaning that tire rotation will need to be done in a specific way and in closer intervals. Most AWD tires need to be rotated every 3,000 – 5,000 miles if you use AWD regularly in Saint Paul or Maple Grove. You’ll also want to be sure that you follow these additional guidelines:

  1. The left rear goes to the right front spot.
  2. The right rear goes to the left front spot.
  3. The right front goes to the left rear spot.
  4. The left front goes to the right rear spot.

Doing a DIY tire rotation in Brooklyn Center? We recommend drawing a simple model of your car’s drivetrain and using color-coded arrows to help you move your tires to the right place. If it’s easier (which it is for most Blaine-area drivers), you can simply schedule a tire rotation with us at Luther Brookdale Volkswagen instead!

Why Should You Rotate Tires Regularly?

Whether you rotate them every 3,000-5,000 miles or every 5,000-7,500 miles according to whether or not your vehicle has AWD, regular tire rotation according to the guidelines above and in your owner’s manual serves several functions. Here are some of the most important:

  • Regular tire rotation improves traction on slippery roads.
  • Regular tire rotation alleviates road noise.
  • Regular tire rotation decreases unnecessary stress on the vehicle’s drivetrain.

Get Your Tire Advice From Luther Brookdale Volkswagen

Need more tire care tips or somewhere you can rely on to purchase affordable, quality tires made to fit your vehicle in Brooklyn Center? Rely on Luther Brookdale Volkswagen and our tire shop!

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